Diagramming Predicate Adjectives

A predicate adjective follows a linking verb and describes or gives more detail about the subject of the sentence. We diagram a predicate adjective in the same way that we diagram a predicate nominative, to the right of a line that slants back toward the subject.

  • practical and pretty hairdo

The hairdo is practical and pretty.

  • scrumptious and attractive cake

The cake is scrumptious and attractive. 

  • brilliant and fiery Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards was brilliant and fiery. 

  • reasonable and sedate William Samuel Johnson

William Samuel Johnson was reasonable and sedate. 

Examples 1

Practice diagramming predicate adjectives in sentences 1-9.

  1. Squirrels are arboreal.
  2. That monkey appears tame.
  3. Some amphibians look scary.
  4. Imperialism was popular with the British people in the 1800s.
  5. The British felt superior to the Asian and African people during this time.
  6. Asia and Africa appeared backward and primitive to them.
  7. His religious writings are famous.
  8. Jonathan Edwards seemed sincere.
  9. Was he devout and unbending?











Examples 2

Diagramming predicate adjectives requires that we are able to recognize predicate adjectives in sentences. Write each predicate adjective that you find in the sentences below.

  1. That appaloosa looks lively.
  2. The man's apology seemed sincere.
  3. Peg's homemade lemonade tastes sour.
  4. The woman's mystery novels have become famous.
  5. Are your eating habits healthful?
  6. My elderly aunt seems healthy and energetic.
  7. Hasn't that video game become monotonous?
  8. Casey's reply was short but thoughtful.
  9. That invention appears brilliant.
  10. I felt ridiculous and silly after my outburst.


  1. The adjective lively follows the linking verb looks.
  2. The adjective sincere follows the linking verb seemed.
  3. The adjective sour follows the linking verb tastes.
  4. The adjective famous follows the linking verb Have become.
  5. The adjective healthful follows the linking verb Are.
  6. The adjectives healthy and energetic follow the linking verb seems.
  7. The adjective monotonous follows the linking verb Has become.
  8. The adjectives short and thoughtful follow the linking verb was.
  9. The adjective brilliant follows the linking verb appears.
  10. The adjectives ridiculous and silly follow the linking verb felt.