Collective Nouns

A collective noun names a collection of persons, places, animals, or things. We list a few examples below.

  • PERSONS: team, crew, class, army, family, chorus, tribe, congregation, clan, panel, jury, club, Congress, staff, committee
  • ANIMALS: flock, herd, school (fish), litter, pack, gaggle (geese), swarm
  • PLACES: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Europe, United States, United Kingdom, South America, Southeast Asia
  • THINGS: batch, bunch, assortment, collection, multitude, selection


Write the collective noun from each sentence.

  1. A yoke of oxen lumbered up the steep path.
  2. The Apache tribe demonstrated native dances.
  3. The United States helped tsunami victims.
  4. Yasmin bakes a batch of banana muffins every Saturday.
  5. The coarse behavior of the unruly team appeared prodigiously stupid to the spectators.
  6. The captain charted the ship's course for the crew.
  7. The United States sent desperately needed medical supplies to the war-torn country.
  8. The Red Cross aids victims affected by earthquakes, hurricanes, and other major catastrophes.
  9. The selection of desserts tempted the hungry diner.
  10. The patriotic crowd waived American flags in support of the President.
  11. Central America includes countries such as El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras.
  12. The school of goldfish fled from the wader.
  13. Congress consists of two bodies—the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  14. An interested crowd waited outside the Capitol Building to hear the final vote of the Senate.
  15. North America includes Canada and the United States.
  16. The gaggle of geese flew in formation.
  17. A flock of parrots squawked overhead.
  18. Granny picked a bushel of apples.
  19. Does the team have new uniforms?
  20. The ship's crew gather on deck each morning.
  21. The Senate will vote tomorrow.
  22. How many justices are on the Supreme Court?
  23. The crowd cheered as the injured runner rose to her feet.
  24. How many students are in your class?


  1. yoke
  2. tribe
  3. United States
  4. batch
  5. team
  6. crew
  7. United States
  8. Red Cross
  9. selection
  10. crowd
  11. Central America
  12. school
  13. Congress, House of Representatives, Senate
  14. crowd, Senate
  15. North America, Canada, United States
  16. gaggle
  17. flock
  18. bushel
  19. team
  20. crew
  21. Senate
  22. Supreme Court
  23. crowd
  24. class