Compound Subject

The predicate or verb of a sentence may have more than one subject, as in the sentence below.

Terence and Chase raced.

In the sentence above, the verb raced has two subjects: "Terence" and "Chase." We call this a compound subject.

  • The Magna Carta, the Petition of Rights, and the Declaration of Rights influenced the formation of the Bill of Rights.

The verb influenced has three subjects: "the Magna Carta," "the Petition of Rights," and "the Declaration of Rights."

  • John Langdon and Nicholas Gilman represented New Hampshire.

In the sentence above, the verb represented has two subjects: "John Langdon," "Nicholas Gilman."

Below are additional sentences with compound subjects:

  • A monkey, a chimpanzee, and a gorilla screamed at spectators. (The verb screamed has three subjects: "monkey," "chimpanzee," and "gorilla.")
  • Gerry and Strong submitted their votes. (The verb submitted has two subjects: "Gerry" and "Strong."
  • Brahms, Bach, and Handel composed masterpieces. (The verb composed has three subjects: "Brahms," "Bach," and "Handel."
  • The teachers and students will discuss the exam. (The verb will discuss has two subjects: "teachers" and "students."
  • Finches and sparrows visit the feeder. (The verb visit has two subjects: "Finches" and "sparrows."


Write the compound subjects from each sentence below.

  1. Nails, hammers, and wrenches lie in piles on the floor.
  2. Do poppies, pansies, and petunias bloom in spring?
  3. Are Kate, Nate, and Jeff tardy?
  4. Her shoes and my socks fell into the creek.
  5. Soap and water will clean that spot.
  6. Can you or your sister identify this bird?
  7. Did you and your brother build the tree house?
  8. The cousins and I shall construct a fort. 


  1. The verb lie has three subjects: "Nails," "hammers," and "wrenches."
  2. The verb Do bloom has three subjects: "poppies," "pansies," and "petunias."
  3. The verb Are has three subjects: "Kate," "Nate," and "Jeff."
  4. The verb fell has two subjects: "shoes" and "socks."
  5. The verb will clean has two subjects: "Soap" and "water."
  6. The verb Can identify has two subjects: "you" and "sister."
  7. The verb Did build has two subjects: "you" and "brother."
  8. The verb shall construct has two subjects: "cousins" and "I."